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Why build new?

The journey to building your new home with SX Homes

Unsure on whether to build or buy an already established older property?

Here are a few reasons why you should build...

Save on Depreciation

The most depreciation you can claim at tax time on your property is within the first 5 years of it being built. This is because you can claim on the fixtures and fittings within (e.g. the dishwasher, fans, etc.). Each fixture and fitting depreciate over a certain timeframe, with the majority being completely claimed after 5 years.

Therefore, you have a larger tax benefit if you can claim your fixtures and fittings within the first 5 years.


In an older home, you are more likely to have a lot of large maintenance items needing to be attended to. For example, the property may be 10 years old and need to have the paint re-done to ‘freshen’ up the home, or the bathrooms may need to be re-waterproofed and tiled due to mould build-up over time in the silicon and grout. Not only that, but you also don’t know how the previous owners maintained the house, so you can never be sure if the annual upkeep of the smoke alarms, pest sprays, aircon cleans, etc. were upheld, which could result in a large expense to get them back up to standard. Maintenance on a new build should be very minimal and only require your annual upkeep items.

No surprises

When building a new home, you know exactly what you are getting. You are involved from the design to the selection of inclusions, and right through to the end of the build... you can physically see what your home is being built with.

Buying an older home can lead to unexpected surprises that you may not see at face value, which could result in you spending more than what you thought you would on the home.

SX Homes are here to help you and our team have years of knowledge regarding the build process and its benefits. Feel free to contact our team if you would like further information on why you should build.

We didn't know much about SX Homes before, and we didn't know what to expect from a project home builder. We definitely didn't know they could build this kind of house. We had visited other SX Homes display homes and were impressed by the quality of finish and internal layouts, but it was only upon viewing the Bayville that we really got serious about building a new home. Candice and Jeremy

- Candice and Jeremy

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of building a new home?
Building a new home gives you a range of extra benefits that can make a big difference to your family and your budget. The most significant advantage is in the home.
Does building a new house save money?
When it comes to the financial side of things, building your dream home can have a range of benefits. The first is stamp duty. When you choose a house and land package, you only pay stamp duty on the block of land, not the home. That's a saving straight away. And building a brand-new home allows you to access a construction loan instead of a regular home loan.
Is building a new home worth it?
Owning a home built for your family instead of someone else's is always worth it. Between the pleasure of creating a piece of real estate you'll love forever and the financial savings you could make.
Building vs. Buying a new house
Building your own home certainly has its advantages over buying. House and land packages can give you home loan interest rate benefits that can make a big difference when you need them most. When you build your dream home, you're creating a perfect home for your family now, and you're making sure it will be big enough for whatever the future brings.

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